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The Weekend Grab Bag

Welcome back to THE WEEKEND GRAB BAG, also known as the loudest detritus left over in my noggin after a weeks worth of the usual cultural-social-life bombardment. Today I’m dabbling in haircuts, stepping up my getting-weird-with-beauty game, societal critiques of relationship age gaps, “cougars,” my love/hate relationship with film, and of course, The Oscars.

EliteDaily, You Are Not the Voice of Our Generation

Trying to assign one lifestyle or worldview to an entire generation of people is bound to be faulty, but EliteDaily really wins the award for hitting the ball farthest out of the park. Actually, I’m not even sure they’re starting in the park—they’re somewhere far outside it, seemingly locked in the basements of their college frat house (a land where tales of Taylor Swift’s de-virginizer moonlight as worthwhile news).