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Dear Diary #17.

“If you want to maintain some level of not-being-a-fucking-loser, best not to admit how often “Fuck with me you know I got it” plays in your head. Except right now, right now it’s okay.” And more gems, after le jump!

The Summer (Day) of My Discontent

On Sunday I Instagrammed a cry for help in the form of a drab coconut popsicle, the sad caption reading: my only friend. This dramatic statement is far from the truth, but in that moment, as everyone in NYC appeared deeply invested in something called the World Cup with their pals, and I sat alone in my apartment clogged with snot and overwhelming angst, it felt true.

Getting Back into Bed with New York

I’ve been treating New York like an ex-lover that I’m ashamed to still be sleeping with: continuing to use and abuse it, while complaining about it profusely to anyone who will listen. In the last 48 hours, though, I’ve had what you might call a come to Jesus moment (the Jesus in question being one who shops at Atelier and drinks eight cups of black coffee a day).