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On Little-Sister Induced Nostalgi-ugh

The sudden realization that my little sister has gone from perpetual zygote to a young woman capable of operating a vehicle ON HER OWN, has increased my already-present nostalgia tenfold. But, as fun as my early life of Dunkaroo-dipping was–ditto that feeling of immortality that comes with being a teen–those earlier periods were lacking in the fully fleshed sense of self I’m finally starting to grasp.

Scents and Sensibilities: On the Odorous Leanings of Teenage Girls

The Sephora perfume shelves have beckoned to hordes of young girls since my own middle school days, when ones choice of perfume began to connote something more than just simply what they reeked of. My friends and I spent ample time spraying ourselves with various scents and hoarding perfume tester strips that would build up at the bottom of our purses. A detritus of aspiration, if you will—for the seemingly glamorous womanhood that was just out of our grasp.