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On Feeling Disconnected

Is not being able to bridge the gap between yourself and someone else the loneliest feeling? I’ve been revisiting this question a lot lately, because amidst the current chaos of my life I figured some extra existential dread couldn’t hurt.

The Weekend Grab Bag

Introducing THE WEEKEND GRAB BAG: AKA the loudest detritus left over in my noggin after a weeks worth of the usual cultural-social-life bombardment. Today I’m talking Valentine’s Day, romance-envy, Kendall Jenner x Marc Jacobs, and the disruptive fashions at Hood by Air and Jeremy Scott.

The Fallacy of Passion

The problem with passion is that it often trumps logic—shrouding the fact that the two parties involved actually have little-to-nothing in common, and that their immense sexual energy is built upon a love-you-and-hate-you back and forth that is not sustainable in a long-term relationship.