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20 SENSE: Hillary Kerr, Cofounder of Who What Wear

“Maybe I have a lack of imagination when it comes to my own life, but I found just about everything in my twenties to be surprising. My career has been so much more fulfilling and exciting than I would have ever imagined.” Picking the brain of fashion-force-to-be-reckoned-with, Hillary Kerr, cofounder of Who What Wear, on what she learned throughout her twenties, the advice she has for us newbies, and how she would spend an ideal day in LA!

An Ode to My Favorite Fashion Bloggers

In case you, too, are fed up with the fashion sphere’s selective cheering for a small subset of the blogger population, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sites to revisit, coupled with my reasoning for why that is–namely, an absolute pride and confidence in their femininity (and not femininity as defined by the upper echelons of society).