Hello, My Name is Jess and I’m Writing a Goddamn Book


Yep, I’ve officially lost it just enough to give the old b-o-o-k a shot, and instead of toiling away at it in obscurity, I need to announce it to the world so that I don’t fall asleep on myself (and my word-riddled dreams). The downside to this is that I will probably be publishing even less on here for a while, as I attempt to produce new content to include alongside old (but refurbished) content.

I would love to hear any and all thoughts re: what topics you’ve enjoyed most reading about on the site (or in my other writing) as well as the coolest cafes in the tri-state area that I just must check out while working and procrastinating and working some more.

To sign off, here’s OG Anne Lamott on how to get a book published today:

“The modern reality is, in one very important realm, the same way it’s always been: you have to write a terrific book that people will want to read, because you have labored over it to get it just right. You have poured your heart, soul and intelligence into it, for a long time. You have addressed important aspects of our lives–love, family, meaning,betrayal, aging, coming through hardship–whatever. And you have told us your version, in the truest, most reliable voice you can muster, so that we want to spend a week with you, every night after dinner or before bed. If you display a wonderful sense of humor, so much the better.

I’ve never actually heard the word ‘platform’ in this context, so there are better people to ask, i.e., people who know what the word means.

But first–write the best, most amazing book you can, the wisest, most honest, most human book you have inside: we are starving to death for this in a culture that mostly traffics in appearance and surface. Let a couple of friends read it and give you their opinion. Write the book one more. We used to call this putting it through the typewriter one more time. I’m talking about RE-TYPING it, so you can get to know it at the most intimate level–not gussying it up on the computer.

Then find someone who critiques and edits professionally–have garage sales etc to raise 1500 dollars. Sell the treadmill. Someone good will read it for $1500. If you think his or her comments are good, make the necessary changes. 

Keep making the book better. Cut it by 1/4. (Sight unseen, I bet it is too long. Takes out half the details, descriptions, and lies).

Have more garage sales. Hire a good editor to mark it up. Make the changes. Then send it out. I think if it is unique, interesting, well written, and ABOUT something, you’ll find an agent.”

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