The Meh List

The Meh List #14.


Fans of The New York Times will get the reference, but for those of you unacquainted with this gem of their ‘one-page magazine’ (within the actual NY Times magazine that comes out every Sunday), let me introduce you. In their own words, it’s a list of things that are “not hot, not not, just meh.” Past examples include: the Maroon 5 guy, Grammy nominations, and pumpkin ale. For the simple fact of my own enjoyment, I thought I’d start crafting my own once a week, in a similar spirit as Dear Diary. So without further ado, which is in itself a “meh” statement…

1. Mourning “The Interview”

2. “Reader, I…”

3. Lindsay Lohan on ITG

4. Love/drug metaphors

5. “Third wave” coffee

6. Emma Roberts

7. 7th Heaven, in retrospect

8. Make-up contouring

9. Rihanna x Puma

10. Marco Rubio

11. Jezebel

12. Autographs

13. Studies about introverts

14. Holiday cards

15. The Jonas Brothers as relevant

16. theSkimm

17. Cruises

What are your thoughts?

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