Monday Must-Reads

These are the articles I read over the weekend and loved. I think you just might concur.


Photo: Gabriella Demczuk/The New York Times/Redux

  • Michele Roberts vs. The NBA: Why The New Head of the Players Union Is a Hero For Progressive Sports Fans [Daily Intelligencer] – “The reason you have had lunatics for owners like Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones and James Dolan — men whose business acumen is far exceeded by their bizarre eccentricities and public doltishness — is that it is nearly impossible not to get rich owning a sports team. It’s the cushiest job in America. Roberts knows all this, but unlike most people in her position, she actually says so. Referring to the current revenue split between players and owners, she asked Torre, “Why don’t we have the owners play half the games? There would be no money if not for the players. Let’s call it what it is. There. Would. Be. No. Money.'”
  • Ask Polly: Should I Live Alone So I Can Act Weird and Not Feel Ashamed? [The Cut] – “Those of us who are sensitive and prone to overthinking have to work very hard to keep shame from messing with our good lives. We have to remind ourselves that it’s okay to need time alone, it’s okay to crave extra sleep, it’s okay to not be perfectly in sync with the people around you.”
  • My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK [Gawker] – “I came into that meeting knowing that the illest part of racial terror in this nation is that it’s sanctioned by sorry overpaid white bodies that will never be racially terrorized and maintained by a few desperate underpaid black and brown bodies that will. I left that meeting knowing that there are few things more shameful than being treated like a nigger by—and under the gaze of—intellectually and imaginatively average white Americans who are not, and will never have to be, half as good at their jobs as you are at yours.”
  • Why Your Family Drives You Crazy [Vox] – “The ability of one family member to express his or her irritation may actually be a sign of the relationship’s strength. The better the relationship, the freer we feel to gripe about being annoyed; this means we feel safe in the relationship, without the fear of abandonment or the revoking of love.”

What are your thoughts?

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