A Quick Note on the Blog Silence & Moving


Moving itself doesn’t change a person, but it does reorient them and give them the opportunity to change. This is one major reason why I’m ecstatic to be moving to Bushwick in August, along with the more obvious factors like hating my current location and needing [even wanting] a roommate.

I felt instantly more at home in my new neighborhood than I do here, on the staid Upper East Side. The quiet was almost eerie in comparison to the barrage of garbage trucks, motorcycles, loud bars, etc. that is always rumbling right outside my Second Avenue window. Nevertheless, I liked the silence and am crossing my fingers it will help set me back on a normal sleeping track. The sidewalk crowd was essentially cut in half, too—not to mention decidedly younger, and more diverse. I can’t say I’ll miss all the ladies who lunch up here, or the bro-y young professionals whose idea of a good time is a continuous onslaught of nachos, weak beer, and televised sports.

Bushwick won’t be perfect, but it will be newan “adventure,” as my soon-to-be roommate put it. Living with someone else will force me out of my head more, which is never a bad thing on my front. And aren’t we all better versions of ourselves around other people? Well, let’s hope.

Nevertheless, life is a bit overwhelming right now with getting ready for this, job searching, and continuing school, and I’ve been feeling too scattered to write anything half-decent, so forgive the blog silence for a while. I have a feeling there’s a lot of new inspiration coming my way to make up for it. Stay tuned.

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