Checking In & Out

Sorry for the silence on the blog this week–hope it hasn’t had you falling into a state of sleeplessness as epic as mine has been for, uh, two years. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess that it hasn’t. It’s been strange not to wake up every morning and write, but this week I am too overwhelmed by other obligations–have to save that mental energy for the rest of the day. Also have been trying really hard not to let the stress or occasional mood swings affect my actions, and to just keep go-go-going no matter what my inner monologue is telling me. I like to think of this as hustling–mainly because it sounds way cooler than “not letting the whiny little shit inside of you win.” Well, so far it seems to be paying off, even if–in the moment–it’s painful. Off to Chicago tomorrow to help my mom settle into her new apartment, and see a few buddies as well. The combination of unpacking boxes and imbibing will probably leave little time for sentence-stringing, but maybe a break isn’t such a bad idea? A necessary reboot, perhaps?

In other, non-wordy news: I am all about all of the below right now, feel free to join the club…




Nathalia Oliveira By Nicole Bentley For Marie Claire Australia June 2014 d







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