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Thursday Grab Bag

WISDOM: “I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got.” I was deep-diving Tumblr earlier for the usual inspiration when I stumbled upon this anonymous, highly relevant quote. I’ve put it in bold letters on the whiteboard on my fridge for moments when I somehow convince myself that food is a battle worth fighting.


NOURISHMENT: I’ve been making overnight oats for breakfast all week in an effort to change up my boring cereal routine and pack more protein punch, and I’m already slightly obsessed. It’s a very healthy breakfast that basically tastes like dessert, and is easy enough for my kitchen-averse arse to prepare. (Sidenote: should I start a band called The Averse Arses?) You just pour oats in a jar (add some chia seeds and vanilla greek yogurt if your heart desires–mine does), top it off with any combo of nuts, nut butters, fruit (both fresh and dried have proven to be delicious), cinnamon, agave/honey/any sweetener, vanilla, dried coconut, etc. Then you douse it in the milk of your choice (I’ve been using almond), so that it’s filled up to the top of that pile of goodness you’ve just created, and place it in the fridge overnight. In the morning it is a delicious pudding-like substance that will have you wondering how you managed life without it. I avoid strict measurements because they quickly lead to ED territory, but it seems like most people who make these do as well, which is the beauty of it. For major inspiration, check out #overnightoats or #loveinmybowl on Instagram.


CRUSH: On Leila Yavari, the Iranian American head buyer of the Munich based e-commerce site Style Bop. Her style is best described as quirky but simple, with occasional touches of subtle sexiness. Read a charming interview with her here.

READING: Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi. Not exactly a light read, but by far the most interesting, well-written Holocaust memoir I’ve read to date (and by now I’ve read perhaps too many). The insight in this book is astounding, and the stories will shock even the most informed history buff. Also a good way to snap out of whatever frivolous existential crisis you’re in the midst of (I’m not alone in having those daily, right?) And on a more pleasant note, the always great Matt Zoller Seitz recaps of the final season of Mad Men (which, FYI, I’m also really enjoying–I like the slow burn quality it has going on right now, though I know a lot of people are finding it dull.)

LISTENING: All of the Brainpickings selections on Soundcloud, my friend Tracy’s awesome Coachella mix (despite my anti-‘chella feelings), and a steady stream of Benny Sings, Rejjie Snow, Eliza Doolittle, and old Destiny’s Child.

IRKED BY: Is it me or have there been a ton of reveals lately about famous women making absurd concessions for the men in their lives? Lily Allen? Shakira? Olivia Munn? Etc. These instances certainly pose some questions about today’s brand of so-called feminism

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  1. I thorougly enjoy MZS recaps of Mad Men but I’m disappointed (who am i?) by his reading of Sally’s “i love you” to Don.

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