The Meh List

The Meh List #3, Twenties Collective Edition


Fans of The New York Times will get the reference, but for those of you unacquainted with this gem of their ‘one-page magazine’ (within the actual NY Times magazine that comes out every Sunday), let me introduce you. In their own words, it’s a list of things that are “not hot, not not, just meh.” Past examples include: the Maroon 5 guy, Grammy nominations, and pumpkin ale. For the simple fact of my own enjoyment, I thought I’d start crafting my own once a week, in a similar spirit as Dear Diary. So without further ado, which is in itself a “meh” statement…


1. Photobombing

2. Setting “intentions”

3. Boxed water

4. Kate Middleton outfit-trolling

5. “User experience”

6. Coffee snobs

7. Lindsay’s “list”

8. Google Alerts

9. San Diego

10. Enthusiastic waitstaff

11. Quinoa

12. Color-coordinating

13. Quoting Coco Chanel

14. TED Talks

15. “x brand PR Girl”

16. Kim’s Lanvin gown

17. Shailene Woodley speaking, in general

18. Eataly

19. Starbucks “Evenings”

20. Throwback Thursday

21. Tracy Anderson’s self-image

22. The worth it to not worth it ratio of oil-pulling

23. Madonna as “relevant”

24. Military dolphins

25. “Singer-songwriters”

What are your thoughts?

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