Monday Muse

Monday Muse.

It’s only 8:04 AM and I already have a serious case of the Mondays–probably because this week is looking to be the shitshow spawn bequeathed by the frazzled union of excitement and endless priorities. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it, so, no, I could never be famous or run for President of the United States, because this week certainly pales in comparison to the schedules of those special folk.

Now that the most frigid days of The Winter of Our Discontent seem to be behind us (she says, ignoring the weather reports that are arguing otherwise), the floodgates of longing for warmer temps and, thus, happier times have been stretched wide open. Which is unfortunate, because I’m going to Chicago next week where I will surely be slapped in the face with reality–one that continues to be cold, wet, and dreary. On the bright side, I’ll be spending time with friends I haven’t seen in ages and enjoying a much, much needed escape from the suffocating isle that is Manhattan. Other priorities include eating fancier food than normal and tackling my insomnia once and for all, so…low-key.

Because my brain power is on reserve for non-blog-related pursuits this week, expect posting to be shoddy or unintelligible at best. Today I will simply defer to these envy-inducing images of Jourdan Dunn frolicking on a beach and just generally living the dream for us all.

Click the images to enlarge.

What are your thoughts?

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