The Meh List

The Meh List, Twenties Collective Edition


Fans of The New York Times will get the reference, but for those of you unacquainted with this gem of their ‘one-page magazine’ (within the actual NY Times magazine that comes out every Sunday), let me introduce you. In their own words, it’s a list of things that are “not hot, not not, just meh.” Past examples include: the Maroon 5 guy, Grammy nominations, and pumpkin ale. For the simple fact of my own enjoyment, I thought I’d start crafting my own once a week, in a similar spirit as Dear Diary. So without further ado, which is in itself a “meh” statement…


1. Declaring the resurgence of 90s-style dressing

2. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Instagram account

3. Writing off your beauty regimen to 8 glasses of water a day

4. Asking me to “send you a pic”

5. Adidas Stan Smiths

6. Articles about Amazon

7. Shoshanna on GIRLS

8. Wheatgrass shots

9. “Ironically” liking a band

10. Loving Alexander Wang

11. Saying heretofore instead of before now

12. Kerry Washington’s acting abilities

13. Dessert wine

14. James Franco-penned Op Eds

What are your thoughts?

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