And the award for ‘Best Gift of Blogging’ goes to…

Now that I’ve been blogging consistently for over a year, it’s hard to remember what life was like before I had this side hustle to keep me busy and provide a much needed sense of fulfillment during the daily grind, which tends to be filled with less enjoyable activities [see: bills, eyebrow waxing, not having a meltdown]. Though Twenties Collective is definitely a very little fish in a gigantic pond, I am still surprised and ecstatic that I have hundreds of readers, rather than the couple of friends and family I originally began posting for. But arbitrary numbers aren’t what’s most rewarding, it’s seeing how diverse the readership is, as my stat map displays where everyone who views the site is coming from, whether it be Canada or Kenya.

One of the best gifts to come out of this far-and-wide readership was meeting Ana, if only virtually, who got in touch after she enjoyed a piece I wrote for The Man Repeller. From Portugal, I have no hesitation in saying she’s very likely to be my female soulmate, with our many shared interests and an insatiable curiosity for all things journalism, news, art, and fashion.  She’s like the pen pal I always wanted when I was younger, but way cooler and more interesting than the two pen pals that I actually did have growing up. Quite simply, it’s really, really cool to connect so well with someone far away, living in a different-yet-similar culture to your own.  It helped reignite my dormant wanderlust, and now a trip to Portugal feels like an absolute must. Most of my close friends are the types to enjoy debating the implications of something like Lena Dunham’s VOGUE cover [shout out to our liberal arts educations, perhaps?], but Ana has definitely become my go to girl for discussing hot topics like these—she is, in my opinion, the ideal ‘debate’ partner: a strong-minded individual, yet one who really thinks over her own thoughts, who doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but simply enjoys reflecting on the current questions.



That said, when she asked me for my own thoughts on the Lena Dunham x Vogue debacle, I didn’t have to think twice about weighing in (i.e. word vomiting all over her and potentially not making any sense). She posted an excerpt of that conversation over on her awesome blog MashNotes, right this way, so be sure to check it out.

And FYI, more pen pals are always welcome.

What are your thoughts?

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