Where Art Thou?

Friends n’ lovers,

I’m sorry that posting has been pretty sporadic or downright nonexistent lately–I have some exciting stuff going on that has taken me away from the blog, but I promise to be back in action ASAP. In the meantime, I highly suggest doing the following:

1. Download the album Woman by Rhye, and die a slow, beautiful death.

2. Read this lovely piece by OG writer Zadie Smith from The New York Review of Books.

3. Watch the show Hello, Ladies on HBO. No one’s ever heard of it, and yet, it’s amazing. Hat-tip to Micah for showing me this gem.

4. Go see the movie [or download it, if possible] Frances Ha if you’re looking for some schadenfreude related to your twenties feeling really sucky right now.

5. Buy yourself, or a loved one, some chocolate organs. Because, WHY NOT.


Until next time,


(Also known as: Jessica, Jess, Jessie, Bug, Bunny, Schiffs, etc.; pick your poison.)

What are your thoughts?

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