The Weekend Hack

Introducing the latest weekly feature on Twenties Collective, a line-up of life-hack links I’ve stumbled upon throughout the previous week offering some really fresh wisdom (read: not-your-average Dr. Phil-ish guidance, but something new or unusual). As you’ll see, this could be anything as minute as how to reorganize your desk for maximum proficiency, to how to plan out (or not plan out, as some will argue) the next five years of your life. Hope you enjoy!

1. “Three phrases to get you through expertly ordering wine” [C Wonder Blog] – Much to my vino-loving father’s chagrin, I know next to nothing about wine. This is a shame as I’ve imbibed a lot of really top notch stuff in his presence, but haven’t been able to differentiate between most of it. I guess you could say my palate is unrefined, and something tells me that in the twenty-something sphere, I’m not alone. So here are 3 very simple pro-tips to up your wine-ordering game so that, at the least, you sound like you know a thing or two.

2. “10 of the most counterintuitive pieces of advice from famous entrepreneurs” [Buffer Blog] – My many days of trolling the internet have taught me that entrepreneurs know what the fuck’s up–for lack of a better term (i.e. unwillingness to find a more polite one)–when it comes to winning at the game of life. They are always spewing such spot-on advice that makes you wonder how you’d never thought of it before. Exhibit A, this post, which includes gems from Jeff Bezos [Amazon, duh guys] and Reed Hoffman [LinkedIn].

3. “Let’s Get Oily” [Into the Gloss] – Why eliminating oil from your beauty routine is actually no bueno, and how to incorporate it into your daily dolling-up the right way. Naturally, ITG covers all the bases, noting how certain oils can benefit your hair, face, body, and nails.

4. “45 things I know at 45 that I didn’t know at 25” [Maria Shriver Blog] – Who doesn’t LOVE these lists? A favorite line — “Don’t worry so much about what other people think of you. They’re usually thinking about themselves anyway.” I’m a sucker for celebrities who suddenly get their Oprah on, and I’m not ashamed to say it–but in this rare case, there’s some really good knowledge dropped.

5. “The periodic table of alcohol: the ultimate cocktail primer” [FastCoDesign] – Because apparently the theme this week is alcoholic beverages, which is unfortunate because I’m ‘on the wagon’ right now due to a stomach problem. But do me a favor and study up so you don’t sound as stupid as I do when you order a drink.

6. “Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel on drugstore hair products” [Byrdie] – I’m a chick, okay. A good hair day can be life-affirming, and I’d rather not go broke trying to achieve it. But to all you duders out there, I’ll bet 10 bucks that you, too, find a product in this list that’ll help you step-up your hair game. Just embrace it, guys–I won’t tell anyone.

7. “Neil Gaiman’s advice to aspiring writers” [Brain Pickings] – You may be surprised to learn that most of my “best” writing comes about in the wee hours of the morning (we’re talking 3am) and has not been pre-planned whatsoever. I know it’s incredibly irritating to hear someone say this, but an idea often just hits me out of the blue, causing a full-blown adrenaline rush that sends words flowing out of me in a miraculously interesting manner (or so I hope). Of course I go back and edit a bit, but it is pretty much a religious experience–and being that I’m not religious at all, this is a grand assumption. The negative part about this seemingly-awesome trait is that I can’t just will it to happen, and sometimes I struggle through weeks of un-inspiration. If I really want to make it as a writer, this is not going to fly, and Gaiman addresses this common problem in his list of spectacular advice.

8. “What does your inner critic look like” [Weightless] – I am a big, fat perfectionist, which had the inverse affect of starving me into super skinny submission, so I know my inner critic all too well. Everyone has one, or a few–if this list is any indication–and identifying it’s M-O is crucial to shutting it out. Take a look, and find out what voices you should try to put a lid on.

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