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Are millennials the customers of the future?

Are millennials the customers of the future?

It’s a great question. Eight years ago we targeted the millennial consumer, because that was the white space we needed to play in because our peers didn’t. We knew that was the customer coming out of these high-growth emerging markets.

There are going to be seven billion smartphones in everybody’s hands in the next five years. Now, everybody is a digital customer, so doing things digitally is no longer a niche [play]. Doing things digitally is how the entire world communicates.

That’s our language today. Digital is not an afterthought. Our design teams design for a landing page and the landing page dictates what the store windows will look like, not the other way round. In creative media, they’re shooting for digital, then we are turning it back to physical.

Great companies need to move as fast as the consumers are moving. Look at Samsung. Look at Apple. Look at what is happening in this whole world. The brand has to look cool on every device.

A soundbite from Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, on the company’s stellar digital strategy.

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