20 Sense

Introducing 20 SENSE.


Starting today I’ll be adding a feature to the site called 20 SENSE which will focus on someone new each week whose career and life trajectories are a major source of inspiration for me (and presumably many others). The line-up so far includes a wide range of editors, bloggers, tastemakers, fashion industry experts, designers, and psychiatrists (although most of these people really juggle numerous pursuits). The short interviews will be an attempt at learning from those who have survived–or are still surviving–their twenties and beyond in unique and admirable ways. Though their experiences may seem more-graceful-than-not on the surface, everyone featured has a distinct brand of real talk that I really appreciate. They all freely acknowledge the many ups and downs that come with the road to success and success itself, never shying away from honest self-reflection. It’s my hope that you’ll find their stories and respective wisdom to be as comforting/motivating/fascinating as I do.

(So basically personalized versions of this, with less naughty language.)

What are your thoughts?

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